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Test your skills and see what if you have what it takes to be a master spy! Sprinkled within the pages of this site are secret codes. Look out for the special images like this:

When you see them, put your mouse cursor over them to reveal the secret code!

Once you gather all 7 codes and write them down, take the quiz on this page to become a special member of our spy club and unlock a free bonus download: Young and Yang’s Guide to Codebreaking!

The free guide will give you all you need to know to decode the message, as well as teach you a host of special codes to communicate top secret messages to your spy friends.

Wishing you good luck on the hunt!

(P.S. Clue #7 is a bit tricky and might require clicking around onĀ links, but I’m sure it’ll still be *FUN* hint hint)

Sophie & Grace's Secret Codes

Have you found all seven clues? Enter them below and unlock a surprise!


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