The Tiara on the Terrace

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Harper Children’s
Hardcover 01/05/2016 | ISBN-13: 978-0062227980

Also available as an audio book

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“An entertaining mystery featuring kids who readily outsmart all the adults; what could be better?” – Kirkus Reviews

In this funny, clever novel, perfect for fans of Pseudonymous Bosch and Gordon Korman, tween sleuths Sophie Young and Grace Yang go undercover at Luna Vista’s Winter Sun Festival to catch a murderer before he—or she—strikes again.

Sophie Young and Grace Yang have been taking it easy ever since they solved the crime of the century…well, at least the biggest crime Luna Vista has ever seen. But things are getting exciting again now that everyone is gearing up for the 125th annual Winter Sun Festival—a town tradition that involves floats, a parade, and a “royal” court made up of local high school girls.

When Festival president Jim Steptoe turns up dead on the first day of parade preparations, police blame a malfunctioning giant s’more feature on the campfire-themed float. But the two sleuths are sure the mysterious death wasn’t an accident. Teaming up with their ever-resourceful friend, Trista Bottoms, the girls trade their high tops for high heels and go undercover as helpers to the snooty Royal Court girls.

They’ve got plenty of suspects: Barb Lund, angry that her daughter didn’t make the Royal Court; bitter Luna Vista Middle School Principal Katz, who was passed over for Festival president; and Festival vice president Lee, whose business would have benefitted from an unexpected change in leadership.

But as the girls go deeper into the world of the Winter Sun Festival, their friendship is tested—and as they get closer to solving the case, their search for the truth becomes more dangerous than they ever could have imagined…

More Advance Praise for The Tiara on the Terrace:

“Like the first book in the series, this action-packed mystery will have readers on the edge of their seats while at the same time reflecting on the ups and downs of friendship and the insecurities that come along with being a tween.” – School Library Journal

“Sophie’s first-person narrative is an entertaining mix of her everyday concerns, the more pressing need to unmask the murderer, and her droll observations on the adults and kids around her. The combination of action and reflection will keep readers engaged in this latest mystery from the Young and Yang series” – Booklist

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