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SCIBABestsellerListI’m embarrassed by how much bragging  I’m getting to do lately: I’m not sure fictional Luna Vista’s Royal Court themselves could possibly feel more spoiled and feted than The Tiara on the Terrace in its first week out. Thanks to booksellers, friends, family, and local fans TIARA came out of the gate at #6 on the SoCal Indie bestseller list — and held the #1 spot in hardcover children’s fiction at Vroman’s, Once Upon A Time, and Warwick’s!

Very rightly so, Sherri Smith’s brilliant The Toymaker’s Apprentice was running rings around The Tiara on the Terrace at its #2 spot — above STAR WARS, no less.

I’ve been having a blast on the Royally Fun Reads tour with fellow Harper authors Jennifer Lynn Alvarez (THE GUARDIAN HERD series) and Anne Nesbet (THE WRINKLED CROWN). Pictures of our adventures in the Bay Area and LA coming soon! Favorite moment so far? When a savvy first grader on a budget raised her hand to and asked: “So. Which of your books is the best?”


Vroman’s and Warwick’s Bestseller Lists


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